Food Sharing Project

With First Responders

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As we enter this holy month, the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims begin observing Ramadan. On the other hand, an unprecedented global pandemic, COVID-19, is changing the celebration this year in equally unprecedented ways. Despite this, the yearly rituals of Ramadan will continue. ​ The holy month of Ramadan has numerous social advantages and productive benefits including mutual support, caring about the welfare of others, and a heightened sense of community that creates friendship and stronger ties among neighbors, families, and friends. It develops moral character and produces and nurtures a whole range of positive values and qualities in both individuals and the community, which are essential ingredients for nurturing a strong, cohesive and thriving community and society. ​ We feel that it is an obligation to help and support our first responders. This year, it takes on extra meaning as our neighbors and communities face sickness, grief, economic hardship and the loneliness of self-isolation during COVID-19. ​ As part of our interfaith efforts, we have organized a social responsibility project of food sharing. We will be offering hot meals to the emergency workers in our community, such as the police officers and firefighters.

You can join us;

  • -by donating to this project through Zelle – (Please indicate First Responders). 

    Per meal is $10.

  • -by delivering the food boxes.

  • -by spreading the news of this good cause.

Our prayers will include a special emphasis on the healthcare workers, emergency workers, and other essential employees who are on the front lines of the fight to protect our communities. In the eyes of God, saving human lives and benefiting humanity are of the most noble endeavors. 

The Quran likens saving a life to saving the whole of humanity, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) says that the best of humans are those who benefit other humans.

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