Project Community Center

community center

Since the day it was established, our foundation has been organizing many programs, projects, and events in the fields of education, culture, dialog, community service in line with the principles of the Hizmet Movement along with universal humanitarian values.

These services have been instrumental for our kids, youth, and adults to keep their own cultures and integrate into American culture at the same time as in Salad Bowl metaphor; building bridges with American society; helping the individuals in need and homeless; promoting solidarity and harmony as a community; establishing a network with the academic community, faith community, and lawmakers.

Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, it has been clearly understood how important it is for kids, youth, and adults to get together, socialize in person, and engage in networking. In this situation, it is obvious that there is a need for ‘our very own place that will lead to the continuation and development of our services.

With this venue, we as a community from various racial and ethnic backgrounds will work hard to provide the services mentioned above in Seattle. It will be a center for everyone regardless of their background and color as well as for our friends from various faith and belief communities to gather.

We want to purchase our community center, which we have longed for years and have been working on it for the last three years, with your invaluable support.

Here are some of the parts planned in our community center;

weekend school classes – nursery/kindergarten – language, art, etc. classes – prayer hall / multi-purpose hall – youth room – playground – kitchen (cooking class) – guest room – offices – grill area – basketball court – parking lots – sand playground – etc.

You can view the flyer for our project community center from here.